Thank God for the Mosque Down the Street!

I was leading a workshop for local pastors. In the chitchat before my session began, several pastors were venting about usual ministry frustrations—sometimes a healthy thing to do (with trusted friends). In talking about challenges, one exclaimed, “They are building a mosque right down the street!” Before others could say anything, I stated, “Praise God.” … More Thank God for the Mosque Down the Street!

Shifting our Approach on Abortion

For decades evangelicals have denounced abortion. (Personally, I am adamantly pro-life, from womb to tomb.) God was angry when the Egyptians tossed Hebrew babies in the Nile. I suspect he is still pro-babies. Evangelicals are losing the abortion debate in America. Denying this fact doesn’t change it. Electing a different politician hasn’t helped. Both political … More Shifting our Approach on Abortion