Rediscovering Jesus – A Great, Unique Textbook on Jesus (Gupta)

Our thanks to Nijay and Chris for their kind remarks. My fellow cowriters and I were trying to answer the questions our students like to ask.

Crux Sola

RDJDavid Capes, Rodney Reeves, and Randy Richards have teamed up again to write a book about Jesus for students. Rediscovering Jesus is unique in that it looks at, not only the Jesus of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul and the other NT writers, but they also dedicate chapters to other portraits of Jesus: Gnostic, Muslim, historical Jesus scholarship, Mormon, “American,” and “Cinematic.”

This textbook actually inspires me to want to teach a course on Jesus in biblical and cultural interpretation!

This is fun: unbeknownst to either of us, my partner in crime Chris Skinner and I both wrote endorsements for this book.

—Nijay, “Rediscovering Jesus is like an expert journalist or photographer examining the subject—in this case, Jesus—from all sides and angles. Not only do you get perspectives from the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament, but also impressions from Muslims, Mormons, movies and more besides. Few…

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