Thank God for the Mosque Down the Street!

I was leading a workshop for local pastors. In the chitchat before my session began, several pastors were venting about usual ministry frustrations—sometimes a healthy thing to do (with trusted friends). In talking about challenges, one exclaimed, “They are building a mosque right down the street!” Before others could say anything, I stated, “Praise God.” … More Thank God for the Mosque Down the Street!

Shifting our Approach on Abortion

For decades evangelicals have denounced abortion. (Personally, I am adamantly pro-life, from womb to tomb.) God was angry when the Egyptians tossed Hebrew babies in the Nile. I suspect he is still pro-babies. Evangelicals are losing the abortion debate in America. Denying this fact doesn’t change it. Electing a different politician hasn’t helped. Both political … More Shifting our Approach on Abortion

Notoriety versus Fame

A student remarked, “She’s famous.” What for? I asked. When he described her misbehaviors, I realized my student really meant the woman had notoriety, that is, “being well known for a bad quality or deed.” I’ve noticed folks sometimes confuse notoriety and fame. Very public bad behavior will usually result in notoriety. Let’s take an ancient … More Notoriety versus Fame

Redefining Marriage?

Is the Supreme Court really redefining marriage for the Church? Many of us think the short answer is “no.” Christians in the USA will need to clarify our language (like Christians already do in much of the world). We currently talk generically about “marriage.” So we say, “The Supreme Court has redefined marriage.” I think … More Redefining Marriage?